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Search Engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website for search engines and user accessibility is the only correct way to do it. A website that is not setup for optimization will fail to perform to its potential. The on-page SEO structure and accessibility is literally the foundation of an online presence of any given entity, person or business. We can  recreate your website with search engine optimization already in place.

Accessible Website Design

Accessible Website Design

 There are a lot of companies that can build you a website or you can build your own. However, if you want to be found in search engines your website may not be built with the proper structure required for maximum exposure. We have a solution that is not only better but flat out smarter. We create websites that are built with SEO and accessibility (a11y) in mind.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

When people are looking for your product or service what do they see? Do you have  a positive online presence? It all starts with a strong brand and requires good reviews or proof. Whether local or worldwide, reviews are a key credibility factor. Building and protecting your brand with a positive web presence is fundamental to online reputation management (ORM).

Internet Marketer

In 2008, I started South Mountain Consulting, an IT consulting company. At the time I fixed computers, networks, and began building websites. After a few years, I was only making a part-time income and eventually went back to a regular day job.

In 2015, I was introduced to a group that taught internet marketing, after listening to a Bob Proctor endorsement I decided to join the group and began learning about SEO. Gradually, I rebranded my original IT company to Somo SEO and changed the focus internet marketing.

In 2017, I resigned from corporate America and began running my digital marketing agency full time. It was difficult to leave a “comfortable” position, but even more difficult to stay. However, building a client base for internet marketing was much more challenging than anything I had done so far.

In 2018, I met my amazing wife Rachelle Haviland Young. We started looking for ways to market and expand as an Arizona SEO agency. We began networking and reaching out to local business owners. Eventually, we started building websites for people and some even became SEO clients.

Today we have expanded our business into Mesa, Tucson, and beyond. It’s been quite a journey and we are just getting started!

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SEO Web design gets better results

Arizona SEO Expert

There are an endless number of SEO agencies in Arizona from Phoenix to Tucson and even northern AZ. But what makes someone an Arizona SEO expert? To answer this question we need to define search engine optimization. Unfortunately it is used vaguely and generically to describe any number of plugins, processes, and tactics that are not truly representing SEO.

Search engine optimization is the process of making a website and surrounding properties accessible to both search engines and people with clear communication about who, what, and why an entity exist. Any misrepresentation or confusion about this can be a roadblock to ranking and gaining traffic. Good SEO and the associated or linked websites creates trust and authority with the search engine.

Web Accessibility Specialist

ADA Website Accessibility (A11y) standards are an extension of SEO in accordance with W3C and WCAG 2.1 AA. Website accessibility affects as much as 20% of the population. It not only applies to people with vision, hearing, and physical disabilities, but also those with color-blindness, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis.

We have found that making your website accessible to people with impairments and disabilities also makes it better for search engines. This discovery has eliminated friction points in website ranking that were otherwise unknown.

You can now select from a pre-layed out template website or request a custom website, both are completely SEO and A11y compliant and come with a maintenance plan that includes everything you need.

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