3 Quick and Easy Ways to Instantly Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile Update

Many people spend a lot of time on Facebook and typically change their pictures regularly, but have you seen your LinkedIn profile lately? If you’re anything like me you may have just rushed through setting up your profile the first time. You may have even used an old picture you found as a profile photo. And it may be possible that you even left the default background Linked in provides.

If you haven’t done so recently, it might be time to update your LinkedIn profile, but who has the time? Well here are three quick ways to improve your profile in about ten minutes.

Update your profile photo.

Do you have an outdated profile photo? If so, now is as good a time as any to update it. Don’t procrastinate; this will only take a minute.

Add a new header background.

Dump the default stars background that every person has, at least the ones who never bothered changing it. Make your profile stand out. If you have a business, consider incorporating a company logo.

Create a unique and compelling headline.

Ok, this might take some thought and effort, but you can do this! Remember, this is your “headline”, not your title. Titles are boring and unoriginal, so make a headline that pops and grabs attention!

That’s all there is! I told you it wouldn’t take long. Incorporate these three easy tips into your LinkedIn profile, and you just might be shocked at the instant boost that follows.


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